Ambrose Covenant

Ambrose Covenant on family portrait

Ambrose Covenant
is the black sheep of the family. At some point of the game, it is rumored that he kills his own father with a pool stick, thus confirmed when Patrick hears the phantom voices of Ambrose and another person, seemingly arguing then a sound of stick hitting something. The Tsranti are allied with Ambrose. It is mentioned in Ambrose's journal entry that the Tsranti are his "family" and then goes into the pirate's cove.

At some point in the game when Patrick goes to Jeremiah, Ambrose appears from above and held his brother Jeremiah hostage, telling Patrick to give the Gel'ziabar stone in exchange for his friend's life. Patrick complied, giving the stone to Ambrose but is stunned when Ambrose swung his axe to his brother's neck, thus decapitating Jeremiah. Ambrose uses the stone (placing it in his axe) then transformed into a gigantic version of himself. In a blind rage, Patrick was able to defeat ambrose by hitting the stone (making it fall from the axe) causing Ambrose to return to his original size and finally decapitates him (like he did with Jeremiah). After defeating Ambrose, a hound of Gel'ziabar appeared behind Patrick and attacked him, rendering him unconscious.