This strange crystalline stone seems to be a source of finite power that may be used to increase the power and effectiveness of my spell casting.

The Amplifier Stone is a collectible item found in game.

The stone is single use and when consumed increases the level of your currently equipped spell up to a maximum of level 5.


  • At the top of the spiral staircase during the first battle with the Howlers before returning to Jeremiah's Room head into the small room to the right, the far bookcase as you enter is a hidden door. Open it and an Amplifier Stone will be available to your left.
  • Before the door to The Widow's Watch in the East Wing.
  • To the right of Aaron's room, this is initially guarded by Aaron. An Ether Trap can be placed on the floor to get rid of Aaron.
  • In the Monastery Interior, right of where you enter the "Present" zone.
  • In the Monastery Interior, within a chimney you can drop down to collect one.
  • in the Catacombs entrance area, in a room with wooden boards collapsing above there is a hidden door at the far end (above the door further down into the area.)
  • Basement of the Living Quarters in Monastery past.
  • On the roof of the Chapel in Monastery past.
  • After entering the Catacombs cistern, take the staircase down to a blocked corridor with a stone.
  • In a wooden case in Lizbeths Lair.
  • At the bottom of the well in the Manor garden (near the greenhouse.)
  • At the end of a long table in the Kitchen area.
  • In the Tower Run in the Manor grounds.
  • On a cross in the Chapel within the Manor, this can be dislodged by firing at it.
  • In a chest within the Pirate's Cove caverns.