Bethany Covenant

Bethany Covenant on family portrait.

Bethany Covenant (in early game content her name was Clara Covenant) is one of the five siblings and is Aaron's Twin Sister. She is the last sibling fought before the final boss.


When she was younger Bethany and her siblings found a strange book in their father's library. they decided to recreate a ritual found in the book. they used the standing stones located by their family's estate as the location for the ritual. what began as an innocent game quickly turned to terror as the siblings accidentally unleashed a powerful evil presence which in turn caused them to become cursed. Once they reached adulthood the siblings would each fall into madness then death, only to be reanimated into evil, undead beings.

Each sibling is hell bent on finishing the curse they started years before. It won't reach full effect until the last sibling is dead, once that happens then the powerful undying king can walk the earth.

When she was alive Bethany had a knack for performing earth magic. She would often perform grotesque experiments on various plants in her greenhouse. At some point prior to the game, she enlists the help of a famous magician named Otto Keisinger. They first became student and teacher then became lovers. Unknown to Bethany, this was Keisinger's plan to use her in order to learn more about her family's curse. She is killed by Kiesinger thus is reanimated into a powerful demonic witch.

Aaron's DisappearanceEdit

At some point prior to the game Aaron mysteriously vanishes. Suspicion quickly turns to his twin sister Bethany who claims to not have any knowledge or any involvement in his disappearance. This turns out to be a lie because when searching Bethany's bedroom, a jaw bone is found in the hiding space underneath the floor board. It is unclear as what exactly happened to Aaron except the strong possibility that Bethany (with Keisinger's assistance?) tortured and flayed Aaron before leaving him alive in the cellar to be eaten alive by rats.

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