Undying manor

Outside the entrance of the Manor

The Covenant Manor is the home of Covenant Family and main location throughout the game also it is the central hub of the Covenant Estate.

From speaking to the few remaining staff in the manor and it's grounds it is discovered that large parts of the estate are in disrepair. Jeremiah Covenant has let go large numbers of staff and those remaining are unable to complete all the maintenance and housekeeping tasks required.

In one of the journal entries mentioned that manor was build around ancient tower in 17 century. In 1923 the manor still makes an impression on guests. It has about one hundred rooms, many of which have considerably decayed. Ground floor has a big library, gallery, drawing rooms, Bethany's office, child room, great hall, billiard room and dining room with kitchens and wine cellars, On the second floor of manor situated numerous family (Evaline's, Joseph's, Aaron's, Bethany's, Ambrose's, Lizbeth's and Jeremiah's rooms), guest (including Otto Kiesinger's and Patrick's rooms) and servant living rooms, yet drawing rooms, Aaron's study room and family bar. Manor has four open for guest staircases (including magnificent entrance hall and circle hall) and one servant staircase with food elevator. Also manor has own botanical garden and chapel.

Around a mansion located extensive grounds with parks and gardens. Also mansion has an inner court yard with stables and Aaron's art workshop. In one of gardens the greenhouse settles down.


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Manor silhuette seeing in begining of the game cut scene and on one of the wallpapers is a Harlaxton Manor.