Howlers Art
Howlers are dog-like monsters who are the first enemies encountered by the player in Clive Barker's Undying.

Howlers are the weakest of all enemies encountered in-game. If one of these creatures are hit in the head, they will die instantly. If they are hit in the torso or legs, they will lose half of their life.

Howlers are dog-like monsters with two arms each having one pair of long, sharpened claws, and a demonic head with two horns and a smaller horn protruding from the chin. They have sharpened bloody teeth and their skin is very human-like, but with a slightly more pinkish hue.


Howlers appear in the Covenant Estate, the Family Mausoleum, the Monastery, the Catacombs and Bethany's Cottage. They hunt by hiding on ceilings and dropping behind the player for a surprise attack. Howlers are summoned by Lizbeth Covenant in order to attack the Trsanti rebels and Patrick.

According to a portrait in Lizbeth's room, Lizbeth had an affinity for rottweilers. When the player activates the Scrye ability, these dogs are replaced with howlers, seeming to appear as if the Howlers are what became of her dogs.