Undying mausoleum

The Mausoleum.

The Mausoleum is owned by the Covenant family and is part of the Covenant Estate. This building presumably was built in the late of 17 century. In the mausoleum have found the rest founders and most honored members of Covenant family. It is located to the west from manor. In the past the mausoleum has been surrounded with the cemetery which the because of a cataclysm has collapsed down and now it became known as Old Cemetery.

After talking to the groundskeeper, who claims to have seen Lizbeth recently near the Mausoleum. He tells Patrick to avoid the standing stones but agrees to unlock the gate for him so that he can investigate the grounds around the Covenant Mausoleum.

After arriving to Mausoleum grounds Patrick can see Lizbeth and hear her monolgue about family Undying Curse. Grounds around Mausoleum and it's interior occupied by big quantity of Howlers.