Patrick Galloway

The main character and possible biggest badass of the 20th Century

Patrick Galloway is the main protagonist of Clive Barker's Undying. He is an Irish paranormal investigator who travels around the world, debunking claims of mysticism and the supernatural. Initially sceptic, he has slowly come to believe that there truly are forces beyond the scope of the normal.


Patrick Galloway has lived a dramatic and trying life of danger and supernatural encounters.


Patrick's encounters with the supernatural began in his native Ireland. On an unspecified date, a young acquaintance of Patrick's named Gwendolyn was discovered murdered under mysterious circumstances. Galloway was discovered in possession of the knife and Otto Keisinger was nowhere to be found. Due to the confusing yet serious nature of the crime, Patrick escaped capital punishment but was ultimately legally banished from his beloved homeland. He travelled to the mainland of Europe and journeyed between London and Paris without purpose until World War I. 

The Great WarEdit

When the Great War began, he enlisted and joined a special unit designated with the task of disproving the superstitions of the simple farm boys fighting for the military. Galloway, along with his commanding officer, Jeremiah Covenant, and their entire unit were ambushed by warriors called the Trsanti, terrible foes who seemed to come out of nowhere and appeared to be aided by mystical forces. When Galloway was prepared to kill the Trsanti Shaman, the leader spotted him and let loose with a powerful blast of magical force, knocking Patrick to the ground just as Patrick fired off a single round.

Wounded, Patrick was left behind by his unit to recover in a field hospital. However, Jeremiah left him with the dead Shaman's green stone - the Gel'ziabar stone.

Patrick aiming his revolver at the Trsanti Shaman

Patrick Galloway, Paranormal InvestigatorEdit

After the war ended in November of 1918, Galloway began to observe the supernatural like never before. He garnered a reputation for having "endless occult knowledge," and made a career of travelling the world investigating the paranormal. 

In April of 1923, a letter arrived for Patrick, but, because he was off on an investigation, it remained unopened for six months. When Patrick returned, he discovered the letter was a request from Jeremiah Covenant, whom Patrick had not heard from since the war, to come to his manor in Ireland and assist him with a most urgent matter.


Patrick leaves at once to meet with his old comrade. Under a false name, he charters a boat to the Covenant Estate. As the boat travels, Patrick reflects upon the war and the events that occurred, before arriving at the dock and making his way up to the manor.