Patrick's revolver, ready for action.

The revolver is the most basic of firearms. Along with the Gel'ziabar Stone, it's one of Patrick's personal possessions that he brings with him to the Covenant Estate.

The revolver is useful because it holds six bullets, allowing you to put a lot of fire on an enemy target quickly. The gun doesn't have enough power to kill much more than the weakest of enemies, but it can be applied to a number of situations such as puzzles. The pistol uses both normal bullets and silver bullets. Silver Bullets reload slower but three times more effective than normal bullets and has a nice impact on magic based creatures such as Verago and Skarrow.

Shooting a monster in the leg or stomach is much less effective than shooting it in the head.

Patrick's ImpressionEdit

Revolver Journal Entry

My trusty revolver. A six shot weapon of forged metal grace. Durable, yet lightweight, my military piece has seen many a country and spilled much blood over the years.



  • Bullets, Silver bullets