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The Covenant Family (normal) - left to right: Lizbeth, Ambrose, Jeremiah, Bethany and Aaron

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The Covenant Family (demonic)

The Covenant Family is one of the greatest and important families in Ireland. This family lasted over nine generations and well known from th late 17 century. The Covenant Family supported many consequences (e.g Ambrose's expelling from the faculty/school) and many tragedies. The heir of the family in began of 20th century was Joseph Covenant, father of the family and the head of the manor; for 1923, the present heir of the manor is Jeremiah Covenant .


The start of the 9th generation started by the marriage of Joseph and Evaline Covenant. They had a good life until Evaline's death while birthing Lizbeth. The first new-born child was Jeremiah. After some years arrived the twin Covenants Bethany and Aaron. After them was born Ambrose, and while Evaline is giving birth to the fifth child called Lizbeth, Evaline died. Jeremiah is the eldest child known in the Covenant family, whilst Lizbeth was the youngest. The Curse of the Undying King started by Jeremiah studying his father's magic research book found in the Great Library of the house along with his siblings at the Standing Stones. The wind began to blow hardly and the ocean to boil, whilst Jeremiah reading the chants from the book and his sibling falling to the ground to protect each other. Jeremiah started the curse. Even from the start of the curse, Joseph tried to find his children. After the curse, Jeremiah was frightened by his sibling's horrors; Lizbeth bit her own maid, Ambrose was expelled from the faculty because of bully, tyranny and mutilation of a dog and being a lord pirate among with the Trsanti pirates, and Aaron and Bethany fought each other for power, causing Aaron to lose his jaw during the fight between Bethany.


The known members of the Covenant family:

Owned LandsEdit

The Covenant Estate covers many acres of land and consists of the Covenant Manor, the Family Mausoleum with Old Cemetery, Bethany's Cottage in the forests, the abondoned Monastery located separately on a big island, the Lighthouse and fortress ruins near it, and off course the Isle of the Standing Stones.

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