Undying lighthouse

The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse is part of the Covenant estate and is located south-east of the covenant manor.

It is ran and operated by Sedgewick alone since he lost his son Connor.

When confronted, he will give Patrick some supplies and some info on where he can find the Trsanti, leading to Patrick's first encounter with Ambrose.
Undying sedgewick

The Lighthouse keeper, Sedgewick


Connor lived to be 27 years old and is the son of the Lighthouse keeper he was also a very close childhood friend of Ambrose Covenant and the only one other than Ambrose to know about the Pirates cove.

When Connor opposes Ambroses plans it is revealed in Patrick's Journal that Ambrose kills his childhood friend.

Only my childhood companion Connor knew of this lair, and he, sadly, didn't share my vision of things to come. Funny, even I thought watching the life pour from a friend would trigger some remorse or compassion within me. But such is not the case.

From Ambroses "Pirate Info" Journal.